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Media Services

Artistic Production, Video, and Animation Services

2D animation

2D animation still has a high influence on the audience’s mind. With technological sophistication, the production of 2D animation films and ads has become important in the promotion of products and services and the creation of popular brands.

Stop-frame animation

Multimedia gives us many opportunities to reach our potential customers, so the Medyara team doesn’t miss any opportunity to grab the audience’s attention and show them our new advertising and promotional campaigns.



Through a single design, the brand collects a lot of basic information about projects and products, steps to get a specific service, a quick presentation of company or factory achievements over years, and the ability to view and deliver the sales curve. The mediaara team can provide clients with the service of transforming data into creative infographics that shorten tens of pages into one design.

Create high-impact videos

It includes the video clip, visual advertisement, human story, and all the brand messages that needs to provide to the audience via high-impact videos. The mediaara team is committed to producing it optimally, providing a full production unit for preparing, shooting, and producing videos.



In less than a minute.. The brand can give its customers explanatory videos about new products and offers, or motivate them to try a service in a specific season, by integrating graphics into videos with unique voiceover.