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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services and Ads campaign management

Social media management

High competitiveness. It requires constant attention and constant follow-up of updates on applications and social media, to reach the target audience and attract them to buy products or try services and talk to them to build a strong and continuous relationship. The mediaara team has sufficient experience to create and update social media platforms, and to manage them to create a wide audience base.

Producing and management of Social media ads campaigns

In a rapidly changing world, when planning their ad campaigns, the brand should be able to keep up with changes that seem radical or sometimes fictional. You should also have measurement and analysis tools to see campaign results. The mediaara team gives you a sense of confidence in its planning experience for campaigns, choosing the optimal time to launch it, as well as understanding the importance of modifying promotional plans at the crucial moment in line with the changing direction of the audience on social media.


Chat-bot solutions

For easy and successful communication with customers on social media, mediaara meets the brands’ needs for modern and easy solutions that enable their audience to communicate with them and request their products and services with practical tools and solutions such as chat-bot.

Email marketing

A very important tool that enables organizations to reach their target customers and build a giant database of potential customers to bring them all new information about products, services, and offers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

friendly SEO writing saves a lot of money and effort needed to reach the customer who is searching for services and products through Google and other search sites. As the mediaara content team is keen to create attractive and expressive content for the brand, it is also keen to make the content friendly with engines and understanding the way that the audience interacted with them.

Marketing analytics and consumer online trends

Multiple analysis tools allow us to study consumer behavior in a specific geographical area, as well as find out what our audience in that area is following on social media, and what they are looking for during their summer holidays or with the advent of winter. Therefore, the mediaara team is keen to form a comprehensive point view of everything related to the target audience to expand the base of potential customers, attract the target audience, and support the existing relationship with the existing customers.


Pay Per Click ads (PPC)

This great tool needs good management to seize good opportunities, whether in different commercial seasons or occasions, to achieve the best sales, by ensuring that it appears at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Search engine machines perform real-time searches for the keyword.
This is where we can optimize our paid promotion while maintaining the quality of the ad and keep up the ROI of the good plan.

Effective Articles

Attractive writing and writing keep your followers passionate about telling interesting stories about brand new.


Marketing Automation

The marketing team needs automation and linking tools for multiple marketing windows, as the website is linked to Facebook pages and other social media applications.

Videos Marketing

Video, animation, graphic ads, video clips, or documentaries are all-important mediums that enable brands to communicate their messages and the success of their online marketing campaigns.


Standardize brand policy on the Internet

The audience of applications varies according to the type of application and the audience’s interaction with it. Therefore, the brand needs a unified policy on all electronic windows but taking into account the nature of each window and its audience.

Choosing the fit Keywords

Keywords and hashtags play a big role in reaching those looking for a product or service. Therefore, brands need constant study and follow-up to prepare an ever-updating list of those magic symbols that help us achieve our goals.


Products & Services Description

Certainly describing the competitive advantages of a product helps us in motivating the consumer to buy. Also, a good description of the service gives a good impression on customers, which encourages them to take it as a promise of an enjoyable experience.

Manage lead tracking tools

Marketing is an ongoing process .. So you need more special tools to track potential clients. Someone may not need one of our products at the moment, but they plan to buy or try it in the future. At that point, the brand has a chance to win over that potential customer, only if it has the tools to keep track of these potential customers.