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Mediaara is an Egyptian limited liability company (LLC). It was established at the end of the second decade of the new millennium by an integrated professional team of experts in the Branding and the creation of integrated solutions that contributed to enriching the digital transformation process and supporting e-commerce systems in Egypt and the Arab Gulf States

Our team has passion, confidence, and sufficient experience to provide high-quality services in the fields of branding content creation, and design of various electronic products. As well as creating the best innovative marketing and promotional solutions to expand the audience base of its customers and achieve the highest return on investment on the internet.

Our professional team has extensive knowledge and real experience of digital transformation mechanisms. It enables it to produce creative ideas that weave from the brand’s elements an inspiring story in our aspiring Arab societies for sustainable development.

Our Main Services

Empowerment, sustainability, and love

In every service we provide, we are carefully planning, set up, stick with good schedules, and adapt all the possibilities for accurate results; we build on them new plans for new steps in an ongoing creative process.

✔ Integrated branding solutions.

✔ Digital Marketing and Ads campaign management.

✔ Digital Solutions, eCommerce, and Technical support.

✔ Artistic Production, Video, and Animation Services

✔ Photography and album production services.

✔ Public Relations and Media Events management.


From its very first moment, Mediaara was established to become a key player in the process of digital transformation, which has become a national trend in Egypt after the state confirmed its entry into the e-governance space by laying the foundations of electronic connectivity, financial inclusion, and modern trade; According to the Egypt 2030 plan, with the launch of the first phase of the digital transformation system in Port-Said in August 2019.


A “green cloud” is man’s hope for the near future. Mediaara pledges to make every effort to achieve the goals of digital transformation policies in our Arab world. We are committed to our role in creating opportunities and enhancing the capabilities necessary to create a work environment that adopts the concepts of “green technology” in the highly developed world of economies.


Indeed, according to developments, it will not be long until other stages of this giant transformation project are completed, entering city after city into the world of modern economics. This augurs well for the opening of new markets throughout Egypt and the Arab world that deserve good institutional, technical, and creative preparedness. So, we established mediaara.


Mediaara looking for lead and actively contribute to supporting new emerging markets that are based on digital transformation and green technology policies. In addition to our aspiration to play a serious role in developing our environments and societies, which need creative energies that have the responsibility, credibility, and experience necessary to produce integrated solutions for entrepreneurs and investors.