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Digital Solutions

Design, developing, and technical support services for websites and applications

Website design and development

A creative team of designers and developers is ready to start your journey to launch a premium website that expresses the brand’s message, giving it powerful competitive features, by providing sufficient tools to control all phases and content edits.

Develop specialized extensions for optimal website control

Do not worry about the tasks that seem complicated sometimes, the mediaara team helps you to create and develop the appropriate URL for your e-commerce site to ensure you have perfect control over your website.


Designing a special system for managing website content

The mediaara team creates the website map appropriately for the needs of the clients to be simple and uncomplicated. This enables the site editor to link different pages and windows, as well as control periodic processes such as update offers, change pricing plans, and more.

Website maintenance and updating

As market trends evolve day by day, the website needs regular maintenance, which enables you to deal with an increasing number of users to avoid any problems you may face while expanding your customer base.



Whether customers use a computer, laptop, or mobile phone, they won’t feel much about how easy it is to browse the website, no matter how different the window is.

Editing, adding, and revising tools

A clear site map and multiple editing tools will give you the ability to rephrase, add, and constantly update to get impressive results.


Design Email correspondence

The brand needs formal and special email formulation, proper signature, and links, response mechanisms, follow-up, and communication with customer service teams.

Availability of multiple languages within the same website

Strong content doesn’t stand within the boundaries of a single language, so websites need a professional team to create content according to the language and culture of the target audience.


Various packages and promotions

Creating new offerings for products and services is an integral part of the marketing process. Therefore, mediaara gives you many marketing options to design various packages that suit the target and potential customers.

Create multiple internal pages

Friendly with SEO, mediaara is studying the best ways to categorize different categories of services and products on the website to obtain advanced results.



In the case of new offers, brands need to attract and tell their customers via posters in the streets. The website also has the features of adding special banners and advertisements for special offers on the website.

Optimizing conversion rates

Using all tools to encourage website visitors to experience purchasing and utilizing services.
● Design periodicals
● Develop notifications motivate consumers to follow up on the latest offers.
● Live communication
mediaara team has a solid background in the field of Live communication services with customers via (Messenger and WhatsApp) on the website.


Integration with (POS)

With secure POS technologies, which work offline, the mediaara team can take full control of many critical processes such as cash flow, cash exchange management, and activity monitoring, while supporting programmatic integration to automatically synchronize all sales data once you’re back online.

Integration with google analysis tools

You will be able to accurately track and analyze comprehensive reports on website performance. So, you’ll be able to reach a well-thought-out vision in the short and long term of what the site needs to improve and update to achieve your marketing goals and increase your sales.


Integration with Facebook pixel tools

Facebook provides an additional analytics tool that enables us to measure the effectiveness of branding campaigns. In addition to understanding the actions taken by customers on the brand’s website, which enables us to track the behavior of potential and targeted customers to achieve the desired results.

Manage shipping and sales charges from the site

shipping charges, warranty, and all costs that apply to goods.. You will be able to deal with it easily while keeping the necessary documents to complete the various commercial operations on your website.


Create multiple stores on the website

The brand can use its website to become like a special online market with more than one store. Thus, creating opportunities to acquire clients will not be difficult. You just need a mediaara team to create multiple stores on your website.

Developing the website content to fit IOS & Android systems

To ensure that your target and potential customers are reached through your website. It must be ensured that the site is adaptable and suitable for all IOS smartphone screens.